Ukraine-Russia crisis: headlines

– Netherlands moves Ukraine embassy staff to Lviv

– Russian diplomat says: US and British spies can’t be trusted on Ukraine

– Johnson fears “biggest war in Europe since 1945”

– Russia launches exercises by strategic nuclear missile forces on Saturday close to Ukrainian border

– US President Biden “convinced” Russian President Putin has “made decision” to invade Ukraine

– US defence secretary: Russia “poised to strike” Ukraine

– Stoltenberg: Russia “will only get more NATO”

– US VP Harris warns Russia faces “unprecedented” economic sanctions if its invades Ukraine

– As tensions increase, Russian and European energy dependence pose challenges for possible EU sanctions.

What you need to know about the conflict

– What is a false flag operation? Has one ever started a war?

– Why did Russia expel US diplomats?

– US urges American citizens to leave Ukraine

– How many time zones are there in Russia?

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